From the ancient age , WAR inclusively and exclusively had and has been an important part of the society . WAR equally and effectively influences the people of the society to the same extent as to the policy makers and soldiers who fight for their nation . Several WARs fought till now resulted in different outcomes which led to the development of some and the extinction of the other civilization . The evolution of mankind and development of WAR occurred simultaneously .

The greatest WARs fought till now on the basis of inclusion of countries and thus area , arms , ammunitions , discoveries and legendary minds was World War 1 and World War 2 .

WAR is defined , described and debated over centuries . Many thinkers and scholars laid down classic texts on WAR’s

Past , present and future .

The word “ WAR” holds an extensive plethora of meanings . One which is contented even when not fought by arms but by diplomacy and politics .

Carl Von Clausewitz , Prussian general and military theorist suggested that ,

War therefore is an act of violence to compel our opponent to fulfill our will .”
According to Clausewitz , WAR is an act of violence where two parties , states , people are involved to persuade the other to surrender their will and follow whatever is asked for or suppress the opponent . A relationship between the dominant country and the submissive country .

Whereas Cicero defined WAR in very broad context as ,

“ A contention by force .”
Hence WAR is a contest between states , people , etc by force i.e., arms , diplomacy , ammunitions , mind etc . Therefore WAR symbolises wider perspective of contention and succession .

Philip Quincy Wright , an American political scientist prominent for his works on international law and international relations quoted WAR as ,

“ A violent contact of distinct but similar entities .”
This quotation states that , WAR is WAR even if it is in between of animals , galaxies , etc . Or in between of any entity having similar objective to fight and dominate but distinct in nature and characteristics .

WAR was and will never be an easy topic to summarise it’s meaning in one single definition . Many definitions and terms relate to its origin , execution , effects and conclusion .

So in the next installment of this blog , we will cover some more definitions and meanings derived by Jomini , Morgenthau , etc .

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