#DAY3 : The THREE Days , THREE Quotes Challenge

Hello everyone , first of all and most importantly I want to thank the Earth Walking for nominating me to this amazing journey of three days quotation challenge . And I want to thank him even more because of this challenge I have wrote three blogs consecutively and never wrote till now with this much regularity . Do have peep in to his blog full of interesting and naturastic blogs . Here at ….Earth Walking .
Last quote , last day #DAY3 of the “Three Days , Three Quotes Challenge.” Nothing is permanent or immortal but our writings our . This is the magic and power of words .

And we create this magic regularly , so we are magicians . Actually not just a magician but artist of all kinds .
Except from writing we create magic in other dimensions too . Like photography , cooking , lifestyle , beauty ( we have too much of this ) , researchers et cetera et cetera . So my last quote but not the least is dedicated to all my fellow bloggers who encourage , support and are such beautiful souls . Let’s make this last day special . As this is the #DAY3 let’s end it like “Third Day , Three Quotes Challenge”.
Yes all these quotations celebrates writing and all my writers sitting everywhere around the world .


This the celebration of the sculpt of writing by the words of Voltaire .
“Writing is the painting of the voice .”


This is the celebration of life with the lenses of a writer by Anais Nin .
“We write to taste life twice , once in the moment and in retrospect .”


This is the celebration of the persona of a writer his/her imagination , dreams that stretches to every nook and corner , ally , forest , mountains , dungeons et cetera by Victor Hugo .
“A writer is a World , trapped in a person .”
Here are the nominees :
1) Beckiesmentalmess
2) Dochi And Chiri Blogs
3) Rishu
Rules :
1) Thank the blogger who nominates you and provide a link to their blog .
2) Post three quotes , consecutively three days .
3) Nominate three bloggers for the challenge and inform them .
* No compulsion to participate and no definite timeline to respond .
* But do not forget to show some love to these great bloggers .
Thank you everyone for being a part of this Writer’s Celebration . I hope I haven’t bored you and if you have any quote that represents the spirit of writing and the writers , don’t forget to share and spread the love .
ยฉSakshi Mishra

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