After Greek Mythology ??and science fiction ⌛️⏳, are you going through a slump or just want to switch to something realistic and rustic . Then don’t wait a second more , today I will confirm why you should get your copy of “Men and Dreams In The Dhauladhar” written by Kocheri C Shibu right now .

Summarising in a line : It iS

A Perfect collision of fate ,

reality and dreams .” 

The plot rolls around the three main protagonists :

Nanda , Keralite and an engineer by profession escaping from the revengeful knots of his past life .
Rekha , a renowned Kathak dancer , doctor by profession longs for a person who will let her heart sing “dha dhin dhin na ” , as told by her grandmother .
Khusru , a child left to his uncle by his parents , where uncle dies in a mine blast is raised by terrorist organization . A mistaken terrorist dreams to live a peaceful life in his home village Deran .

The protagonists like spider spun the web of their lives to the centre I.e., Dhauladhar mountain and dam construction there . 

Will Nanda be able to end the endless cycle of revenges ?
Rekha will find her “dha dhin dhin na” ?

Will the destiny of Khusru will fulfill his dreams ?
Want to know more I’m not going to reveal the plot but definitely i will build the curiosity for you .

The character that took my heart was of Khusru , being the one behind different identities , masked behind orders of the “Bearded Man” and veiling his own identity from all .

Apart from Khusru , I liked that author mentioned and profoundly described the issues of national security , feminism , environmental degradation by humans and cross-border terrorism . 


1) Narration is very strong , having well researched and intricately built characters and their backgrounds . 

2) The use of local language , personal touch , and actual representation of lifestyle on the mountains is commendable.

3 ) The slow pace actually proves fine with all descriptive detailings as you won’t understand but when plot will twist ,then you will understand how much involved you became with a certain character .

4) The use of Dhauladhar mountains as suggestive of future makes the plot more enthralling and intriguing . 

5 ) Writer shares his personal experience related too technicalities of dam construction and lives of people around . 


1) Too many characters create a moment where it’s confusing to relate and recall what happened with whom . 

2) The slow pace is bearable by some , but gets too slumpy after certain time . 

3) The climax ends too short . Like narration picks up speed and the story ends . So it feels disappointing as at that time curiosity too know more is at its peak .

So as a debutant novelist , author has done a great job . This one is definitely to be read and get your copy from the link below . So I will keep posting on new books and will help you to decide on your tbr . 

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