Today is 31st , the last day of 2018 and last day of its mention . It will take a while to form the habit of writing 2019 ..Oh yeah..When I was in school I used to forget than my friends used to remind me it’s 19 now or whatever .

So basically we are wrapping up 2018 in a box of wisdom through which we will measure how much we have grown not physically but as a person .

2018 have been great for me in a lot of ways . I discovered myself . I discovered some natural laws which are very basic in nature .

And by keeping these laws in my mind ,I made my new year by my own hands or actually by my own mind wonderful and worth mentioning time and again . Transition is the word to describe it best .


Now let’s see my growth considering different roles I play as yeah Ms.Sakshi Mishra .


As a person .

I’m more positive , head strong and confident . I believe myself . I know there is nothing I cant do ..Or let me rephrase it ..

I can do everything .

This is the fact I learnt . Positive outlook . Even if the times are hardest . Maintain your shit . Don’t lose it . And you will get through everything with flying colours.

2) all the planets and galaxies have a force of attraction between them . That holds them all together . A force biggest and the strongest holding the whole universe together . What are you in front of it . A mere piece of existence , life . Oh come on even a fly lives . Have you ever thought about what are the effects of this force . Basically what you will seek or what you will thing will get attracted to you . Today , tomorrow or after eons it will get to you , what you have wished for . But it will solely depend on what you are attracting towards you . Positivity will attract positivity . That doesn’t means that you will always get what you want . No for everyone there is this “big responsibility” or say “greater purpose” that each one of you have to follow . So to lead you in that path this force will work different ways , the roads best for you . The responsibility only you’re meant to fulfill . No other .


As a book lover …

I thought I will read more books than last year . And I did . I wished for books .And I got them from all four directions .

I read some of the best authors who took me to different realms while I was in my room only . And I even received review requests and yes I did them with some of the best creative ideas my mind could have come up with . So these are the books ..That took me to places distant but near my heart now …

A Song of Achilles ,

Inkredia ,

And the Roses Bled ,

Time Crawlers ,

Kafka On The Shore ,

Circe ,

The Lost Symbol ,

Inferno and many more .

Will soon do a detailed post about my last year’s read and new year’s to be read collection .


As an artist …..

I’m calling myself an artist is itself a big achievement . I write , I create content . I have ideas , I have grown my audience on the basis of my skills , what else do I want to achieve in a year than this .


As a student …

This is the most funniest part . I didn’t study all year and just last days hard work yielded me to top in my class . Now the funny part in this is that my mom asked when did you studied and I told her I’m as clueless as you are . So no more questions now …


As a teacher …

My students grew in number . There understanding with me grew and will keep growing . Past tense sometimes seems so negative . I learnt a lot from them too . A lot of psychology too .

They even asked some of the funny questions that I will share in my upcoming post . Here’s one such question…

Why mummies are called mummies ???

What thought led aryabhatt to discover zero ???

And I answered the Aryabhatta question by saying , oh if you will meet him someday do ask it from my side too …?


As a child …

I learnt yo maintain my cool i.e., Patience is the key . and even how to keep them happy . My mom with cream rolls and dad with guavas . You do just this and you are favorite that very moment .

I even noticed that many times there Childish tendencies come out . And at that time I love to take charge of things . And yes I love it when I’m in charge of things , everything . Love to be in dominance right .


As a blogger .

I launched my own website . Gone through so many technical things . And finally even after facing a total blackout about what to do and my mood saying this is enough . I took a long break . Really becoz I lacked conviction that time …Dedication was reduced to below 50% . Of course it affected me and discouraged me . But yeah I’m back . I know what’s my goal and I will keep pursuing it .


Last but as me …

I’m more me than I have ever been. And I don’t want to stop from being me anytime sooner or at least for this whole lifetime . I’m me and me and me ..A transitional being .

And let me confess one thing more , maybe the last confession of this year . I wrote this all in a hurry , so if there is any mistake please ignore . And I will appreciate a lot if you haven’t noticed one .


Now Happy New Year and make your everyday of smiles and positivity . New year is not just about a night or the next first day . Its more and most than that . And let me tell you one thing . Your smile and happiness is precious to me tbh .


And last but not the least as a writer , I’m glad to have readers like you all . And I hope “Nchanting Whispers” will keep growing as long as you will keep visiting . So join me in my journey to life and the blogosphere .


And I would like to know what are your new year resolutions .

Mine is to work hard a little more and more and to follow a more disciplined routine . What’s yours ????

I would love to know about it ??

So what are you waiting for ??

Comment right now , right here .


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