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It’s heartbreaking what happened on 14th feb in Pulwama , Kashmir .

A militant group attacked a convoy of CRPF personnels , in which 40 jawans died . No one stands for this inhuman act . Those soldiers died a martyrs death . Their families are mourning . The nation is mourning . There is rage in everyone’s heart . But only few know how to help them . Asking for revenge won’t help . Then what can we do here ?

As a united nation like we always used to be in every situation , try to help these families of the martyrs . We can’t fill the void that’s left in their lives , but our support and compassion can help them . This is the time to stand united . A little help won’t cost you much but it will mean a lot to them . A strong nation is built on the strength of their citizens . This is the time to show that strength .

Donate here , any amount from each one of you will be helpful .

Here’s the link , issued by government of India . The official site accepting donations .

Bharat Ke Veer

The site is slow , so as my fellow citizens are patient enough to spend some minutes in the procedure . It is a legit website .

Don’t donate just anywhere . Here’s the actual link , by goverment of India . Don’t let your help go wasted into the hands of any fraud or money-monger .

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