February , March and April are the months of examinations . And who likes or loves exams here haha . Everyone just dreads over the idea of exams .

As a student I love exams occasionally . Definitely not the regular ones we have these days right . It reminds me that I’m still a student and I still have to get past those parameters of evaluation .

My exams are just all over this time . Practicals are next week and I just saw the syllabus . This is evidence about my situation and I’m still not stressed , Why ??

I have no idea . I’m totally relieved right now . I never knew law of attraction is also applicable for exam stress . I’m not stressed about any subject . But I’m scared of something bigger than that . Yes . It’s big . It will always be there . In every students life . Mathematics .

Maths is a horror these days . I don’t need to watch Nun or Conjuring to get scared and shivering . Maths is enough for every student . Even the teachers out there . Whenever a difficult question pops up , try to notice that little stress crease on their foreheads . A good mathematics teacher is that who knows how to hide that tension and stress of an unexpected difficult question .

It’s a situation of life and math . It’s the path of math or its the path of maths . Maths won’t leave you . Not now , not later .

The same way I won’t leave from here . Yes I will be coming back on Sundays . Yes even at the time of my exams too . As I’m going to rant here about how I faced my exams and especially how I faced maths . All the best to all my readers for their exams and if not exam then for maths .

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