I have been practicing law of attraction for a year now and this is going to be my second one . The year I started I.e., 2018 , I consider it the year of transformation . The word transformation itself defines everything . And I came across this blogger who posts about dreams , thoughts and life . It was like I got my thing finally . And what’s more interesting is that she is the author of following books too ,

The World Hates The Crisis ,

Spiritual Travellers , and many more .

So when I received this review copy I was like this is going to be a ride of positivity . And yes as I said it was just like that .

My favorites parts or lines from the Spiritual Songs are :


From within the blue skies above ,

The waving oceans below ,

Through the green fields ,

We find musical harmony .

The songs of life are but the bridge of union between all of the creation . From dawn through dusk ,

We live within the blessed songs that but unite all creation alike . Today , I give you my blessings , through these sacred prayers I but call songs .

May they awaken humanity within all humans eternally . With peace and blessings , I give you ,

SPIRITUAL SONGS II : Blessings From A Sacred Soul .


It is a perfect amalgamation of words that cure , motivate and will create a spiritually uplifting environment . For those who seek shelter in God’s blessing . Each song perfectly entwines with life situations and how to be hopeful in the darkest of times .

It is a guide to peace . Each song is in rythym with life . It’s like a life in a song . Describing every situation , when one feels alone but must know there is someone , some invisible force , a well wisher , maybe an angel is there to take care of you . To guide you in to the right path and lead you to your objective of life . An objective of not you but of this special force . That brings light to every life . These songs are written in simple words so anyone can find there peace , healing , enlightenment and blessings .

There are 123 songs , each one of them dedicated to a specific subject .

You can grab your copy of Spiritual Songs part II from this link below .

AmazonNow : Spiritual Songs II


*Next week with maybe another book review or me time blog post , or with some spicy sarcasm , I will be back next Sunday .

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