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I took a little time to write this post . More than a week right and that’s real long . But why ???

Is it so complicated to answer what I’m thankful for ??

Firstly , I appreciate Saving Joyfully’s attempt to spread positivity around and yes it makes a difference . I feel a lot positive right now .

I would love to know what are you thankful for ?

Let us just spread some positivity around .

So when I thought about this question , I wanted to answer it in a deeper sense . And here is what I found out …

What is life ?

Life can be defined in terms of its nature . That means it is immortal . Something that can end anytime . Any moment and it’s like a 360Β° turn that will be good or bad . Or maybe the very end of it .

So what’s important here . To be mortal , naah . Mortalism is hypothetical for livings . Then what is it ???

To extend time , noways . Time is not something to be controlled . Time runs and slows down on its own will .

Then what is that one thing , that we can control .

It’s the way , the way we can spend that time , be it four seconds or 1 hour or 100 years , make it special . Be thankful for that one second you got to breath and see life . Be thankful that you are getting to see those smile on the faces of your loved ones .

Make it special , smile , spread love around . Spend that time smiling , being thankful for that every meal you get . Be happy for those little things we don’t give a thought about and some people are not privileged to have .

I’m thankful for this life .

I’m thankful for my parents .

I’m thankful for every bit of my life . And I find pleasure and happiness in being thankful about each and every thing .

I’m thankful that I have such a supporting family .

So that’s all for today .

What are you thankful for ?

Does it makes you to feel positive too ?

What are the thoughts or revelations you discovered when you thought about this question ?

Do not forget to share and keep visiting . I’m thankful that today I can express my feelings , my thoughts here and very much thankful that you all are here to read them . To be with me .

Thanks for all the support and yes before I cry . Let me just share my other social networkings so we can connect much better .



And if you are a book nerd , here are some book suggestions if you would like to check And The Roses Bled and

Men and Dreams in Dhauladhar .

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AND THE ROSES BLED πŸ₯€ Book Review : Happy Halloween πŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒ

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Me :

“Hello hello Halloween ,

Is it really all I see .”

Mr. Halloween :

What you see is what you know ,

What you don’t is ME , “The HALLOWEEN”.


To my Readers , fellow bloggers , ones who just stumbled by chance on my blog , to the ones who are getting ready for Halloween and trick-treating collecting candies and stuff , And to Mr.Halloween (can’t you smile a little less ) ,

“Happy Halloween Day “

What’s Halloween without horror ??

I’m here to complete your halloween with all the spookiness my mind can muster up . And if you are reading junkie than you need nothing more . Just this special ingredient and hurrah your halloween is haunted from now till next halloween .

So what are your plans this Halloween ?

Let me share mine first and do share yours in the comment section .

I got this Review Copy of “And The Roses Bled” and it’s been three days I have completed it but still it’s in my mind like cornerstone of a building I.e., the building of my love for horror books and laughing pumpkins .

And a big congratulations to Mehak Daleh for the huge success and thanks a lot Mehak for gifting me “And the Roses Bled” this halloween (The best halloween present ).

So here goes the review of this month’s one of the spookiest launch this halloween :




Ratings : ☠️πŸ₯€β˜ οΈπŸ₯€β˜ οΈ



Now you must be wondering why I have rated the book in skulls and roses , so to figure out that you should read the book first . So hurry up and get your copy right here .

*Get your copy NOW

Q . Does it gave me spine-chilling dreams ??

A . Hell Yes .

Q . Does it made me to question my late sleeping habit ?

A . Aww my cute elder sister can I sleep with you tonight and coming days too .

Q . Do I felt extremely scared when I coincidentally , unintentionally woke up at 3 am ?

A . My bladder is not supporting me right now , I should wait till 5 am and try to sleep . maybe someone is there outside

Q . From past a week am I considering to sleep before everyone sleeps ?

A . Hey Mommy wait for me I won’t be the one to lock the doors I want to sleep early .

Q . Do I always give a confirmatory look (yes indeed in the mirror) every time to see someone is there or not ?

A . Oh shucks hope there is no one .

Q . Do I find a psycho killer behind that cute guy or always smiling people ?

A . Why is he staring me , oh yes , oh yes , ohh yasss .

Q . Do I look twice to every tree having twisted trunks just not to actually find someone there ?

A . Yes .

Q. Do roses scare me now ?

A . Of course . Red is not my favourite color from now .

What else do you want from a horror , psychological thriller this halloween .

The writing style is in first-person perspective . The author describes each situation with simplicity and surprise element .

Predictions are not at all possible . The author will keep you on the edge everytime . Diction is perfect . And it’s incredible how she have created each and every scenario with such intense creativity . It’s like Mehak can even scare you with a book . That she did in the book . Again you have to find it by yourself .

Being the debut novel of Mehak , it is just excellent .

Keep reading and visiting here back and forth for more amazing book reviews and latest blog posts .

That’s all for today and don’t forget to like and share your halloween stories in the comments section .

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BOOK : Wings of Peace

AUTHOR : Shruti Agrawal , Namaswi Gupta , Harshal Bajaj , Aalia Khan , Aasma Kamran , Abeera Latif , Akshay Joshi , Aditi Talpade , Akash Dasondhi , Aishwarya Rudrappa and many more .

RATINGS : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


“Wings of Peace” , is a collaboration of 108 writers expressing there inbound feelings and words of empowerment . The world where even feminism is made a propaganda by some , here in “Wings of Peace ” every element , every word supports feminism as equalism . It is a thought provoking compilation of approximately 170 poems . Because it consist of raw emotions and facts in form of poems . I can also say that it is a hard reality , hard to digest but must be accepted right away .

Here are the words of Shruti Agrawal expressing the objective and her feelings about “Wings Of Peace”.

Prologue :

“Wings of Peace is a collaborative work of 180+ poets across the
globe. Modern Age Poetry is an initiative started to promote
and publish aspiring poets and provide them with a opportunity
to get their work recognized.

β€œThe transformation of a silent disappearing gene to a rise of a
holistic free thinker – WOMEN”

We are nothing without a woman. A woman is a birth giver.
Then why does the scalding weather of this modern century
shows no ray of hope to a girl child when she is born to the end
of her life. Why does she have to face struggles to survive?
Women Empowerment is to move on and embrace one’s life.
Life is all about making your place and decisions.
You have the potential to fight for yourself without any man.
You can fight for your respect without any help. β€˜Believe in
yourself’ and you’ll climb the mountains and face all the
obstacles with courage in your soul.”

I can sum up my experience in one word I.e., Commendable .

🌟The meaning behind each word and every phrase is crystal clear . I can even say it as a “Mirror to the society”.

🌟The writing style is really good .

🌟Poems are neither too long nor too short . You can slowly one by one cherish each poem in a week’s time .

The poetesses and poets have done a great job and i recommend it to all .

I can summarise my review by saying ,

“Wings of Peace is a perfect symphony of expressions , emotions , thoughts and words.”

Thank you for reading this review and please share your views about what do you think of feminism ?

Do subscribe to my blog to get latest blog updates as I will keep you hooked with latest fun and interesting posts . And do drop a comment about your views on this review .

I’m signing off now so can get back tomorrow with yet another post


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After Greek Mythology πŸƒπŸƒand science fiction βŒ›οΈβ³, are you going through a slump or just want to switch to something realistic and rustic . Then don’t wait a second more , today I will confirm why you should get your copy of “Men and Dreams In The Dhauladhar” written by Kocheri C Shibu right now .

Summarising in a line : It iS

A Perfect collision of fate ,

reality and dreams .”Β 

The plot rolls around the three main protagonists :

Nanda , Keralite and an engineer by profession escaping from the revengeful knots of his past life .
Rekha , a renowned Kathak dancer , doctor by profession longs for a person who will let her heart sing “dha dhin dhin na ” , as told by her grandmother .
Khusru , a child left to his uncle by his parents , where uncle dies in a mine blast is raised by terrorist organization . A mistaken terrorist dreams to live a peaceful life in his home village Deran .

The protagonists like spider spun the web of their lives to the centre I.e., Dhauladhar mountain and dam construction there .Β 

Will Nanda be able to end the endless cycle of revenges ?
Rekha will find her “dha dhin dhin na” ?

Will the destiny of Khusru will fulfill his dreams ?
Want to know more I’m not going to reveal the plot but definitely i will build the curiosity for you .

The character that took my heart was of Khusru , being the one behind different identities , masked behind orders of the “Bearded Man” and veiling his own identity from all .

Apart from Khusru , I liked that author mentioned and profoundly described the issues of national security , feminism , environmental degradation by humans and cross-border terrorism .Β 


1) Narration is very strong , having well researched and intricately built characters and their backgrounds .Β 

2) The use of local language , personal touch , and actual representation of lifestyle on the mountains is commendable.

3 ) The slow pace actually proves fine with all descriptive detailings as you won’t understand but when plot will twist ,then you will understand how much involved you became with a certain character .

4) The use of Dhauladhar mountains as suggestive of future makes the plot more enthralling and intriguing .Β 

5 ) Writer shares his personal experience related too technicalities of dam construction and lives of people around .Β 


1) Too many characters create a moment where it’s confusing to relate and recall what happened with whom .Β 

2) The slow pace is bearable by some , but gets too slumpy after certain time .Β 

3) The climax ends too short . Like narration picks up speed and the story ends . So it feels disappointing as at that time curiosity too know more is at its peak .

So as a debutant novelist , author has done a great job . This one is definitely to be read and get your copy from the link below . So I will keep posting on new books and will help you to decide on your tbr .Β 


Time Crawlers Review

TIME CRAWLERS : Stories From Parallel Universes ( Review ) πŸ‘ΎπŸ‘ΎπŸ‘Ύ

Isn’t this title enough to be curious forπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ . Thank you @varunsayal for the review copy of it .
So now I’m going to give you 13 reasons why I liked it (not the 13 reasons netflix episodes ) and why you should too travel to parallel worlds through this book . Yes there is a secret portal in the end of this book that will take you to the 7th dimension (still not discovered or if discovered NASA is keeping it as a secret from us #consipracydiaries πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚) .
Now to cut the long rope short here are the 13 reasons :

2) A πŸ˜€ only 112 pages read .Β 
3) PARALLEL UNIVERSES (Aliens) 😳😳😳 4) Bunch of Great Ideas and Theories you don’t want to miss any of them . 😎😎

5) PARALLEL UNIVERSES ( Black Hole )😳😳😳

6) Full of relatable Sci-fi theories and ideas which are imaginable and not Β just hogwash or technical jargon .πŸ€“πŸ€“πŸ€“

7) PARALLEL UNIVERSES ( Planet’s Energy Sucking Cave ) 😳😳😳

8) Interesting Nomenclature of Characters and weapons derived from Sanskrit like Prayaschakit ΰ€ͺΰ₯ΰ€°ΰ€―ΰ€Ύΰ€Έΰ₯ΰ€šΰ€•ΰ€Ώΰ€€ | πŸ™

9) PARALLEL UNIVERSES ( Dark Artificial Intelligence : Darknet ) 😳😳😳

10) Stories are simple but enthralling , rounding around complex the situations of moral . πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

11) PARALLEL UNIVERSES ( high-tech Genie
with Terms and conditions applied ) 😳😳😳

12) Writing style is Β creative and as a debut one it is great πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

13) PARALLEL UNIVERSES ( Social paradigms = Time Travellers and Planet to planet Hoppers ) 😡😡😡

Now that’s all the 13 reasons and the odd ones are actually the out ones .
Advice to the author :
Each idea and theory has the potential to be discovered and elaborated more and I think each of them can be turned into best-selling sci-fi novels .


Which sci-fi books you think are best ?
As a reader I was curious to know more about all the ideas but short stories ended really short though they were specific in subject . πŸ”­πŸ”­
You can get your copy from Amazon Kindle .
This is all for today , don’t forget to stay updated about new posts , books and keep reading πŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“š Happy Saturday 😊😊😊😊

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THE MYSTERY BLOGGER AWARD : bloggers Appreciation : (01/07/2018)

I’m really happy and thankful to Zenobia for adding this new flower “The Mystery Blogger Award” to my tiara . And lots of love to all my readers who are patient enough to read my not-so-funny jokes .
If you are too a book lover and keep looking for the great books to get your hands on , you should definitely checkout some book suggestions . I can guarantee you can weigh your future reads on her blog . Just grab a view here The Purple Orchid ? .

And do not forget to leave a like , comment , share and follow up for latest book suggestions .
The Mystery Blogger Award was created by Okoto Enigma . Thank you for creating this award and I’m glad to pass on this legacy to some awesome bloggers .

Now answers to the questionnaire :

1] For how long have you been blogging and why did you get into it ?
Just the thought of writing on my own terms and conditions and having my own space was enough to grab my will for it . Now it’s been 9 days and seven months where on 22 November , I published my first post “Millions Unsaid“.
As the line goes in it like ,
“Million Words inside me ,
Million words to say .”
My blog is here for those million unsaid words . To unleash the tie of consciousness and let them fly across the oceans .
2] My fondest childhood memory ?
I guess everyone can relate to this one . Watching favorite cartoon with my elder sister for hours . Courage the Cowardly the Dog , Johny Bravo , Mr.Beans , Hannah Montana , Wizards of Waverly Place and I know I can’t stop ..So will one day publish a post about only this .

3] Everybody has a travel bucket list. What are your top 5 places you want to visit and why?
Now let me start it one by one :

A) Reykjavik , ICELAND
Yes , I want to visit the World’s Best Natural light show ever . I’m talking about the Auroros or we can say the Northern Lights .

B) Paris , FRANCE
Bonjour a tous !!! This one was special for my French pals as I’m trying to learn French these days . And I can count this as my preparation to visit France soon but though not sooner .
In Paris specifically I want to visit Louvre highly motivated by Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code . And I’m really curious to visit the Louvre Pyramid .

C) Freiburg , GERMANY
Black Forest Gateau , the original , authentic Black Forest Gateau in the Black Forest itself .Yes the prominent Black Forest cake gets its name from the “Black Forest” in Germany . The location is also nearby to many vineyards , again a cherry on the top . Even the Forest is famous for Brothers Grimm Fairytales . So who doesn’t want to be in a fairyland at least once a lifetime .

D) Bunol , SPAIN
What can I say about Spain now ??
Maybe some tomatoes?? will do the job . With all ecstaticism I’m talking about “La Tomatina” Festival . Being my favorite fruit plus vegetable (still confused what is it just like course books too are) “The Tomatina Festival” is like a dream come true . And no truer than this that “The Tomatina is the Tomatoes the Biggest fights.” ( Yes I’m mimicking it same way Farhan Akhtar does in ZNMD?)

Bali is known as the “Island of Gods” and where God resides , that place is known as heaven . So my choice for this place is quite obvious that I want to visit an earthly heaven .

4] If given a chance, would you go back in time and live your life all over again?

Noways . It would be just like losing all lives in mario or any game and you have to start all over again . Fingers crossed , don’t bless me God with this kind of insanity .

5] Name one thing that you would like to change in the world?

Over cementation . I know you all got my point .

Now three things about myself :

1) my interests : dance , blog , novels , Netflix , photography , content creation , law of attraction follower and on a continuous quest for more and more knowledge .
2) Personality : ambivert , ambitious , dreamer , all hopes all times , always ready for experiences and more for experiments , enthusiastic , out-spoken and fun-spirited .
My brain : factory of ideas and follow only my own will .
3) These days : currently I’m planning to go self-hosted and start my journey for youtube as well .
Now my questions for the nominations :
1) If you are humty than who is the Dumpty of your blogging life ?
2) The best part of blogging you love to do each and every time ?
3) Share your favorite apps/tools you like or prefer best for blogging ?
4) If you have to choose between one , unlimited Netflix subscription or all the best selling novels than what will be your choice ?
5) If Dan Brown is going to take you as the protagonist in his novel , than what different profession will you choose rather than what you are now (previous eg : symbologist , Noetic Scientist et cetera )

My Nominations are :

? Lena Deexo ??
? Lady Like Lavender ??
? MUMMY Thomas Blog ??
? Dandswords ??
? Brown Sugar Cafe ??
? Saving Joyfully ??
? Sadie B ??
? My Little Brittle Universe ??
? Daily Gold Rose ??
? Journey Of Life Continues ??
Congratulations to all ?? the nominations and hope so you all will like the questionnaire . ??


1. Add the awards logo to your blog ,
2. List the rules ,
3. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to them ,
4. Mention the award creator and link to them ,
5. List 3 things about yourself ,
6. Answer the questions your nominator asked ,
7. Share a link to your best post/posts ,
8. Nominate 10-20 people and notify them ,
9. List your 5 questions for them to answer in their posts .

? I hope that this post is a fun ride for you as was for me to write . Stay tuned as I will be back next Wednesday with yet another post to tingle the memories and to create new ones ?
You can follow me on other social media as well.
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The keep scrolling blogger : BLOGGER of the MONTH : My birthday26/June/2018

I have so many wishes , in fact infinite . Today I will wish , all the best wishes for myself . Today is my birthday the day when I came to existence . This whole identity , story of my life , started this day . The day when it always rains . Yes it is a fact each and every birthday , even 26/06/1998 was like all rains and smiling nature . A start to a no-stopping life . A whole day of self PDA . Will decorate myself with all glitters and jitters .
I know people think that we are getting one year older but with each birthday I’m more young and lively . I know I’m making a big deal of my day but you know what actually it is .
Because this day , the world got a talented bright girl and I think everyone should thank my parents for it . (Now this is too much , Ikr ??)

So today on the auspicious occasion of my birthday ? I’m announcing a contest “The KEEP SCROLLING BLOGGER” or the “Blogger of the Month ” Title .

If you think your blog is worth of hours of indulgence and continuous scrolling than give a reason why ?

??Comment the link of the blog and the reason why it should be the readers first choice . Comment please . ??

Then the one selected will be the “Blogger Of The Month” on my blog and will be promoted throughout the month everywhere . Everywhere means in my every next blog post , social networkings like twitter and instagram etc . I’m a blogger and I know how much blogging changed me positively . So yes all my blogger friends I’m counting on all of you to participate and unite with me . I will review the whole blog and will keep sending special “Keep Scrolling blogger” and “blogger of the month” graphics .

I’m publishing this post a day after my birthday because I wanted to share the interesting tribal museum experience I went with my friend . Even I took an all new avatar this time .
My day was fantastic , with a good weather and getting wet in a seasonal shower . The place was like all good and creative . There was these ancient man’s wood relics smiling , a tree with the Indian drums , so many pitchers , colorful domes and huts , a whole red wall that seem to me like with relation to black magic and many more I’m going to update all explorations on My INSTAGRAM .

And to enter for the contest “Instagram Social Junkie” follow the link . Grab and get new followers over instagram , just tell the reason why your feed is best .

Here are my social links and would love to have you all there too .
I will be back on Sunday with yet another post with the Mysterious blogger award . So stay tuned . ????
Only one task is left for you my fellow bloggers ,

??Comment your blog link and the reason why readers can keep returning back to your blog .??

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BLOGGER'S STUDY CORNER : #The Blogging tips : blogging world : suggestions ( 12/06/2018 )

So previously in my life , I was away from social media and blogging because of my exams and the following turning events . Events were not like sort of big stones that fell on me or anything , actually I was way too much busy in the household chores but now I’m all yours . All for my readers and the blogging community .

This time I asked you all the subject of my going-to-be-published-blog through a twitter pole . Majority went higher and higher for option B) blogging tips . Now the irony is that I’m going to suggest some tips to the bloggers around the world . And wherever the word “WORLD” comes in , it needs no exaggeration #toughjob .
So if any of you don’t like anything about the post , don’t forget that you all are my partners in crime . Ohh yesss !!! This is my conspiracy .
Without wasting any more time my list goes like this …


Now this can be done in several ways but few ways I noticed mostly are :
A) USE NATIVE language and especially slang with subtitle of course a little . Use slang neither much nor none . It gives a sense of connectivity and discovering of new things about different lands . And as it is said by me ,
“To discover is the greatest and fondest passion of mankind .”

Confession – I don’t have one on my own about page but I’m working on it and pouting on all the sides of events , lighted rooms and corners though I don’t know how to pout (hmm) .
Again for those who want to keep themselves anonymous , well and good no pouting hustles , none for boys of course .
A full-length image having a candid smile gives a positive feel to your blog . I have read blogs with more interest and read more to know more . So now you can guess what I’m trying to say .

I have read so many about pages and noticed that some bloggers forget to provide links whereas I wanted to follow and add them to the community . So please provide links to all social networking otherwise no person will much appreciate to have a blogger hunt in gazillion of population over web .


Suppose that our social networking and blogs are parties that we host . So for a successful party , we have to keep the chatter flow I.e., communication with the invitees .
So the same theory goes out with blog , acknowledge them , ask them questions in the last , make them feel free to communicate with you through comments .


A reader not only read words but also colors , graphics and designs too . If a color attracts your eyes then it should catch also other eyeballs too .
Colors like yellow , purple are in vogue nowadays be it in web series or websites , so don’t hesitate even for a second to use them .


If you have some funny ideas or sarcastic lines which flashed just in your mind , right it down and use them . If not enough confident let it be proofread but mind you , don’t waste it getting lost in your diary or memory .


Focusing on first few lines presents the fact of ” First impression is the last Impression ” . So you have to write first few lines carefully and the main characteristics of these lines should be ,
A) Inviting ,
B) Intriguing ,
C) Must not be a summary of blog ,
D) smartly and creatively written , and
E) and communicative with readers .
Now I’m summing up my tips here but will be back soon with more detailed study on blog writing , SEO , niches et cetera et cetera with the name of a new section of my blog “The Bloggers Study Corner”.
Here is a question for my readers ,
Which tip/suggestion is applicable or worth consideration for your blog ?
I’m really interested in knowing what you all think about this post so don’t forget to like , share , follow , comment and love my blog .
You can find me over all these waters and lands of social networking directly form these links .
Now last but not the least , a message for my readers and fellow bloggers .


#DAY3 : The THREE Days , THREE Quotes Challenge

Hello everyone , first of all and most importantly I want to thank the Earth Walking for nominating me to this amazing journey of three days quotation challenge . And I want to thank him even more because of this challenge I have wrote three blogs consecutively and never wrote till now with this much regularity . Do have peep in to his blog full of interesting and naturastic blogs . Here at ….Earth Walking .
Last quote , last day #DAY3 of the “Three Days , Three Quotes Challenge.” Nothing is permanent or immortal but our writings our . This is the magic and power of words .

And we create this magic regularly , so we are magicians . Actually not just a magician but artist of all kinds .
Except from writing we create magic in other dimensions too . Like photography , cooking , lifestyle , beauty ( we have too much of this ) , researchers et cetera et cetera . So my last quote but not the least is dedicated to all my fellow bloggers who encourage , support and are such beautiful souls . Let’s make this last day special . As this is the #DAY3 let’s end it like “Third Day , Three Quotes Challenge”.
Yes all these quotations celebrates writing and all my writers sitting everywhere around the world .


This the celebration of the sculpt of writing by the words of Voltaire .
“Writing is the painting of the voice .”


This is the celebration of life with the lenses of a writer by Anais Nin .
“We write to taste life twice , once in the moment and in retrospect .”


This is the celebration of the persona of a writer his/her imagination , dreams that stretches to every nook and corner , ally , forest , mountains , dungeons et cetera by Victor Hugo .
“A writer is a World , trapped in a person .”
Here are the nominees :
1) Beckiesmentalmess
2) Dochi And Chiri Blogs
3) Rishu
Rules :
1) Thank the blogger who nominates you and provide a link to their blog .
2) Post three quotes , consecutively three days .
3) Nominate three bloggers for the challenge and inform them .
* No compulsion to participate and no definite timeline to respond .
* But do not forget to show some love to these great bloggers .
Thank you everyone for being a part of this Writer’s Celebration . I hope I haven’t bored you and if you have any quote that represents the spirit of writing and the writers , don’t forget to share and spread the love .
Β©Sakshi Mishra

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#DAY2 : The Three DAYs , Three Quotes Challenge .

So yes , I’m back and this is #DAY2 of the “Three Days , Three Quotes Challenge .” What can be more pleasing than this beautiful morning and an inspirational maybe be a creative quote to start our day . Good Morning everyone and hope you will all have great fun experiences today .
Thank you Earth Walking for giving me this opportunity to participate in such a fun challenge . Sharing my favorite quotes to the world , each consecutive day . I know all my readers are very smart and have read lots of good content . But you know what don’t miss out even a bit of this amazing blogger’s work .
Here is the link , and make sure you do checkout his blog …Earth Walking

Are we ready , for the quote of the #DAY2

By Oscar Wilde ,
” I can resist anything , except temptation .”
This is the best quote that can reflect a personality like me .
Is there any quote that you feel reflects your persona ???
Don’t forget to share with us .

My nominations are :
1) Dynamic Philosophies
2) The Scribblings
3) Aditi’s ways
Congratulations to all the nominees and do read the awesome work of these amazing writers .
Rules are :
1) Thank the person who nominates you .
2) post three quotes , consecutively three days .
3) Nominate three bloggers each day .
* No specified timeline to respond .
* No compulsion to participate .
* But do check out these three awesome bloggers here .
Β© Sakshi Mishra